Fee Options

Choose a fee option that suits you

Hourly Fee

The client is charged per the hourly rate as detailed in the BSE Services Agreement.

Fixed Fee

Under a fixed-fee arrangement, the client pays for an agreed amount of work and BSE assumes the risk should there be extra work required. Shared savings can be negotiated into the fixed fee arrangement and may be credited to future work.


Retainers are similar to fixed fees, except the agreed fee is paid upfront.


BSE can provide an in-house counsel style legal service in a variety of specialties for an agreed fee for an agreed period of time.

Phased Fee

In a phased-fee arrangement, we agree upon the fees for distinct phases of work required. This type of arrangement works well for projects or issues with defined stages which can be estimated. 

OR… Any mixture of the above!

Do you have a way BSE can charge that would work with your business? Let us know, we are listening.

All BSE charges will be outlined in the BSE Services Agreement.